Life’s Rough

Hello Internet world,

I’m one of those people who likes structure. I like plans. I like routines. I’m very organized and I plan my days well. I budget like every college student, I pay my bills on time, always. I have back-up plans and room for error. Some may say I’m psychotic, but that’s just how I am. I guess that’s why I’ll make a good lawyer.

So, when life throws me a curveball I NEVER saw coming, it can be stressful for me. For example, today was a good day for me. I felt well enough to go out with my mom and grandma. We got pedicures and decided to go out for dinner. Everything’s going great.

WAIT, back up…. I should probably mention that I JUST paid off my credit card. As in, a few days ago. I don’t like to have a balance on my credit card but sometimes things happen and I have to use it for emergencies or something.

Continuing on, so I get text alerts when my credit card is used because a few years ago, on Christmas Day, my card was compromised and there was a $250 dollar charge that I didn’t authorize. No big deal, you call the 1-800 number on the back of the card and poof, problem solved. It’s a hassle to call, and have a new card mailed to you, etc, etc. It’s all relatively easy to fix, just tedious. ANYWAY, I’m sitting at a booth in Boston Pizza when I get a text saying there was an authorization for ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Yes, you read that right, $1000 big ones. I immediately started freaking out because who on Earth spends that much money in one place? When I get these text alerts, it tells me where the purchase was made. I immediately clicked on the link to find out it’s some place in Toronto. I was livid. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me AGAIN. (And of course it had to be on a day when I was feeling good and actually was able to leave the house). I got on the phone right away with Scotiabank to get this sorted out.

The first man I spoke with was very helpful, aside from stating the obvious “Yes, Miss. Longo is seems you’re card is compromised.” Well, no sh*t Sherlock, considering I’m in Chatham and this purchase was in Toronto, I’d say it was compromised. He then transferred me to some Security department. Again, the lady was very helpful. She listed off 3 or 4 authorizations on my credit card that I had NO IDEA about which was rather unnerving. They have cancelled my credit card, my case is getting sent to a Case Manager and they are mailing me a new credit card. Luckily, this was rectified easily. I clued in later, and found it strange they never sent me a new card the first time this happened a few years ago. They just reversed the charges and I kept my same card.

Regardless, it was an easy fix. I panicked at first because that’s a lot of money. I think I panicked more because it’s crazy that this kind of stuff happens ALL THE TIME. It’s insane how easy it is for people to just take somebody’s credit card information and use it. With technology being such a prominent thing in everyday life especially in a first world country, I shouldn’t be surprised at all. There’s always going to be those people who prey upon others and steal their information. It’s pathetic and ridiculous but it’s part of life nowadays. I truly find it sad that people feel they need to steal things from others. I know it’s just a credit card scam and my problem was easily fixed, but it really makes one think.

How easy was it for this person to get my information? How easy is it for them to do it again? What if it was more then just my credit card information? How often does this actually happen? Going through this situation again really makes me nervous. It made me feel so vulnerable today. The fact that some stranger, three hours away from me used me information and got away with it is scary.

If anyone’s reading this and would like to share their story, please leave a comment. How did you manage to feel secure again?

Goodnight Internet.

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