Life Stresses

Let’s start with the obvious: Life is full of stressors. There are so many ups and downs in life and most are unexpected.

I sometimes wish there was a way to view your future based on the decisions you make. For example, which university to go too. What if I choose Western? BAM. Flash of future. What if I choose Brock? BAM. Flash of future. Get what I mean internet family?

I’m sitting here at 12:54am EST and I’m freaking myself out with all of this research I’m doing. Maybe I shouldn’t of waited till the middle of the night to do it. Oh well.

As mentioned in the “About Me” post, I am going to be a lawyer. Notice how I said I AM? That’s because there is no alternative. No back-up plan. This has been what I’ve told myself and everybody in my life that I want to be when I grow up. Well, now I’m all grown up (for the most part) and it’s time to get serious about planning for that career.

Let me tell you something important first: LIFE DOES NOT WORK OUT THE WAY YOU WANT OR EXPECT IT TOO.

I wish I had of taken that advice more seriously as a youngster. I had a life plan: graduate high school, go to university, go to law school, do lawyer stuff. Of course, having a family and all of that was mixed in there but the main goal was: do lawyer stuff. However, as you can probably guess…. life got in the way. I made the decision to go to Brock University based on my boyfriend at the time. Notice how I said AT THE TIME? That’s because we broke up, obviously. We had dated for a year prior to me going, and dated for 3 more years after that. It wasn’t a waste of time, and I don’t regret going there at all. The reasons I dropped out of Brock had little to do with the breakup. Yes, of course it was a small part of it. I’d say about 15% of the reason I dropped out. Again – not going into that story. (No, I’m not all heartbroken either, this was at least 2 years ago now).

The point was: I dropped out of Brock and decided to go back to school, but at a college level. I’m currently attending Lambton College. Which is great, no complaints about it. Here’s the kicker: You need a BA (Bachelors Degree) in order to go to law school. In college, you don’t get that. You get a diploma. So that’s my current dilemma right now. I remember in my first year at Lambton, my teacher mentioned a program my school offers that will ultimately allow me to obtain a BA. It was a partnership program with a university in Alberta. I can’t remember the details, so I’m trying not to stress myself out about it too much until I speak with my teacher in September.

This is what I’m talking about wishing I could see the future based on SOME of my decisions. Like I wish I had of seen the consequences of dropping out of Brock. I will still go to law school, it’s just going to take longer and cost more. Which was not part of the plan. I honestly don’t regret dropping out of Brock, it was such an amazing experience being there and I met my lifelong best friend there. I’d redo my 2 years there in a heartbeat – except I’d stay, not drop out.

Another big stressor goes along with school and that’s the cost. The cost of post-secondary education is ridiculous. Yes, I know there’s OSAP available, bank’s offer loans, lines of credit, there are bursaries and scholarships. But with OSAP and bank loans, it’s scary to think about all the debt you get in just so you can be a functioning adult in the world. In today’s society, you can’t even be a garbage man without a college diploma. Sure, college is cheaper then university. For example, I paid $3200 (approx.) for Lambton versus my $6500 (approx.) at Brock, AND THAT”S TUITION ALONE. OSAP is reasonable with their repayment plans, even if they only get $100 a month, their happy. BUT here’s the catch: you get interest charged every month (I think). So, if you have a $30,000 loan and only pay $200 a month at an interest rate of 3.5% (based on OSAP website info and basic math) it would take you 16.5 years to pay off. SIXTEEN FLIPPING YEARS? SERIOUSLY? That’s a load of bulls*t. What if a person can only afford $200 a month? I mean, that’s a prime interest rate considering most loans are way higher than that but still. The thought of taking 16 years to pay off a loan just so I can get a job is crazy. (This loan information isn’t my own, I just plucked a random number out of my head.)

No wonder people don’t bother with university. It’s even more stressful for someone like myself who plans on graduate studies like Law school or Medical school. Depending on the case, law school can be upwards of $20,000 PER YEAR.

Blah, even typing all of this is stressing me out. I need to take a break. I’m gonna have an anxiety attack or something, haha.

Goodnight internet fam.

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