City Life

Good afternoon fellow Bloggers,

I’m sitting in my family room at my dad’s house in Toronto, well Brampton technically, and I’m just enjoying the day. It’s 12:20 PM EST and I couldn’t be happier. Yesterday, we had the whole family over in order to celebrate my dad’s 52nd birthday.

Fun Fact: I always know my dad’s age, he is exactly 30 years older then me. So it’s my age, plus 30. Easy peasy.

Anyways, it was wonderful having my whole family over. It’s not something that can happen often. All of the kids, 4 of us, are all aged 20 or above so with our work and school schedules, it’s difficult to get us in one room together. My aunt and uncle have 2 kids, which are 12 & 13. They have busy, busy schedules as well. They also live in New Market which is about 50 minutes away from my dad. The point is, it’s difficult to get us all in the same place together. SO, when it happens, it’s nice. We all catch up on the latest events in everyone’s lives.

My dad & stepmom ordered Italian food and we feasted. At some point, we bring out the Limoncello and do shots. (It’s good for digestion, don’t worry). My aunt eventually starts dancing, and no, she’s not drunk, she just likes to dance. It’s safe to say she’s the life of the party. My grandparents catch up with all of the grandkids, and tell us to behave and do well in school. Everyone left around 10 which was nice, we were able to hangout for several hours.

This morning, I was awake at 10 and stayed in bed till about 11, took a shower and came downstairs to make my breakfast. Breakfast was a massive plate of fruit with two little desserts from last night. Now, I’m sitting and relaxing.

Whoops, my dad just got home. Talk to you later.

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