Time to Say Goodbye

Hello my beautiful friends,

I’m currently sitting on a VIA train heading home from Brampton. Let me tell you, taking the train was bizarre on Friday considering I haven’t taken it in honestly YEARS. I used to take it all the time because it was easier then having my mom & dad meet halfway in London, do a child swap and then drive home.

Sidenote: I found train tickets from 2011 in my nightstand at my dads, just goes to say how long I’ve been taking the train.

Anyways, I used to hate packing up and hustling for the train every Friday and then the same deal on Sundays when I went home. Now at the ripe age of 22 I have a new appreciation for the train. Now, I wouldn’t want to take it every other weekend again, but I do find it relaxing. There’s no stress of driving, using gas, possibly getting into an accident on the highway (transport trucks make me paranoid) and I don’t have to worry about staying awake. I can nap all I want. The trip is about the same amount of time, 3 hours. So why not enjoy it once in a while? It’s obviously way cheaper for me because my dad books & pays for my train which I’m appreciative of.

VIA has stepped up their game since I last took the train. It seems they’ve made it more organized. There’s now assigned seats. When you book tickets, you get a car number and an assigned seat. If you are someone like me, who needs a window seat, it’s nice. When you book, they ask your preference. Oh, by the way, I need a window seat because I get to claustrophobic in the aisle with people always walking around me and not being able to stare out the window. I’m not just some stuck up girl who NEEDS something just for the sake of sitting there. Same goes for planes, I always ask for the window seat. I definitely could not sit in the middle seat on a plane. I already have to take Gravel to knock me out on a plane, imagine what I’d need for the middle?

Anyways, I figured I’d take advantage of the WIFI on board and type up a quick post for Sunday. School’s coming up soon, I’m okay with that. It gives me a structured routine. I’ll have to post an update for sure after my first week. I’m ashamed to say I’m actually repeating this coming semester because I had to leave last year for personal reasons I’m not willing to disclose at the time.

Okie doke, I’ll post sometime within the next 2 days.

Have a fantastic week!

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