Can’t Keep A Schedule

Hello my beautiful friends,

I can’t keep a schedule on here. I truly want to write blog posts, even if I have a limited following. For me, this is an outlet. For me, I can say everything I’m feeling and I know there will be other feeling the same way as me.

I hope that my blog can help somebody. I don’t care how it helps them. But let’s say I write about an experience I’ve had, and how I dealt with it and got through it… and someone stumbles across this blog, and can relate to it. I truly hope that they can connect with me. I want people to know YOU ARENT ALONE. I want people to comment on my posts, I’ll reply to every one that I can.

So, I promise that as soon as my cast comes off on Thursday (the 27th) I will post at least 3 times a week. I’m finally done with midterms for school so I can take a breather.

Note: studying law sometimes sucks. It’s crazy demanding.

Anyways, I’m about to head to bed. I have a big day tomorrow (mock jury for a trial)

Have a lovely night wherever you are 🙂

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