Finding Myself

Hello my beautiful friends,

I’m currently on a journey to find myself. Now, I know there is going to be some readers who think I’m crazy. However, if anybody else is feeling how I am, continue reading.

A lot of bad things have happened to me, and no I’m not going to open up yet and explain all of them, just know my life has been a roller coaster, particularly with a lot of dives. It’s impacted me more then I realized. Up until now.

I’ve now come to the realization that I’m more negative, more pessimistic, angry, agitated, the list can go on. I haven’t become a bad person, I’m still a happy woman. I’m just more snappy, and just not a nice person overall.

Starting yesterday, I’m going to work on becoming a better Marina. I’m starting my journey. Now, this idea hasn’t come into my head on my own. I follow a wonderful person named Marissa Lace. (You can find her on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter.) Anyways, last year she started the #YearOfYou. I followed her journey all year, but never felt truly inspired to start my own journey. She has posted so many books, journals, etc throughout the year and I’ve always thought to myself “I should really try some of these books” but I never felt truly ready.

Now I do. I’m going to rock this. I’m going to find myself and become a more spiritual person. I believe in the healing qualities of crystals, self help books, etc. I believe that you can do this on your own. You just need to have positive thoughts. Negativity attracts negativity. So, January 1st, 2017 I will be starting my own #YearOfYou. I will document my journey the entire year. I will do what makes me happy, and if something doesn’t make me happy, I’m not going to do it.

I will be starting to read books and obtain crystals for the remainder of this year. I will be doing all my research to find the best tools to make my #YearOfYou successful.

I invite all of you to stick around and follow me on my journey! I hope I can inspire people and spread happiness and joy in the universe.

Ta-Ta for now,


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