It’s been a while …

Hello my beautiful friends,

Marina here. It’s been a hot minute hasn’t it? I don’t even know where to begin… I don’t have a lot of updates, but I am really happy about the few I do have.

My first one: my job at the bank. Now, while I’m not going to disclose the bank I work for I will say that I absolutely love it. I couldn’t have picked a better company to work for.

I go into work every day and enjoy it. I’ve cut back my waitressing hours and prioritize the bank. There is so much to learn every shift. The training was definitely intimidating but I got through it. Having awesome co-workers helped. I really hope to gain a more permanent position with the bank and hopefully have the opportunity to become a Financial Advisor as well.

Second: my amazing boyfriend. We’ve been dating for almost 4 months and I couldn’t be happier with him. He’s been so amazing recently. He sits at the hospital with me for hours into the early morning (6am) even though he has to work. He rarely misses important doctors visits (surgeon appointments, etc) and he just hangs outs with me when I need him. He deals with my mood swings and psychotic episodes just fine. He never complains when I’m being a little b*tch. He’s only met my mom, but she seems o really like him.

It’s kind of funny because I used to work with him at Boston Pizza, and we kind of  had a thing last year but decided not to become an exclusive couple. We were both to busy at the time and couldn’t commit enough time to each other. Fast forward about a year, and we’re happily dating. I’m so glad we ended up waiting for each other.

And the biggest update: I’m getting another surgery. In case you didn’t know, I had Kienbock’s Disease in my right (dominant hand of course.) Now instead of going into detail I’m going to tell you to google it. It’s a complicated explanation to type out.

Now I’ve had one surgery before in hopes to relieve some of the pain. I have metal plates and screws in my wrist because my surgeon shortened my arm bone. Anyways, that worked for a little bit. That surgery was about a year and a half ago. Upon revisiting my surgeon, we decided to try a bone injection to relieve some pain. Again, that lasted for about a month and the pain returned.

I’m sure that if it was my left hand, I could manage it better. But because it’s my right hand, I use it literally all the time. I’m assuming that obviously doesn’t help the pain. So, as of right now my surgery is scheduled for July 21st 2017. I’m going to be getting my wrist fused together. My surgeon is going to remove a row of bones in my wrist. I will lose 50% of my range of motion. I’ve thought about this for a couple months, and I decided this was the best solution for me. My surgeon said that my “new wrist” will last me about 20-25 years until I need another surgery.

This was a big decision as I’m only 22, going to be 23 years old. Losing that amount of range of motion is obviously a big deal. The surgery is expected to relieve me of pain, about 85-90% which was more then enough for me. I watched many videos of people who have gotten the surgery and they can perform every day-to-day task they did before the operation. I’m not looking forward to the surgery itself, I’m looking forward to the few months after.

I guess that’s all I have for now. I don’t have anything new.

Until next time,


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